Psychometric Assessment

The incorporation of Psychometric assessment into a selection process will improve the identification of suitable candidates, reducing selection errors.

We believe the real value of Psychometric assessment however comes from the combined  in depth understanding of our specialist sectors and the behaviours and competencies that differentiate high calibre people within them.

Oxygen uses the SHL (Saville Holdsworth) range of Psychometric and Ability tests. We combine the results from these assessments with over 20 years of industry knowledge to deliver the most appropriate candidates to our clients.

SHL is the world leader in Talent Measurement and we have been registered users of their products since 1991.

Our standard approach is to develop a unique testing and reporting structure based on both your company and job competencies providing consistency of assessment across teams, departments and the organisation as a whole ensuring an improvement in the quality of hiring decisions.

Oxygen Standard Testing and Reporting Package

Typically we recommend the use of the SHL Behavioural Profile called the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and the Verify Verbal, Numerical and Inductive ability tests.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Provides insight on 32 dimensions of personality categorised within three broad groupings of relationships with people, thinking style, and feelings and emotions.

Verbal Reasoning

Measures the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments. The information presented is relevant to a business environment. The test emphasises understanding, using and evaluating verbal information rather than language usage, spelling or grammar. People who perform well on this test tend to have the capacity to readily understand reports and documents.

Numerical Reasoning

Measures the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data. The data presented and the tasks set are relevant to a business environment. The emphasis in these tasks is on understanding and evaluating data rather than on computation. People who perform well on this test tend to have the capacity to understand numerical data and interpret mathematical information correctly.

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SHL Standard reporting products

User Report

Provides an overview of the individual’s likely way of behaving at work.

Manager Plus Report

Often provided to managers to supplement feedback about an individual.

Universal Competency Report

Summarises how an individual’s preferred style is likely to influence performance on the 20 competencies from the SHL Universal Competency Framework.

Team Types and Leadership Styles Report

Narrative on an individual’s preferred behaviours in a team, as a leader and as a direct report.

Emotional Intelligence

Explores how a person manages feelings and relationships with other people. It is intended for use in a development setting.

Emotional and Social Competence Report

Indicates an individual’s emotional intelligence in the workplace, using a well-researched model of 5 key areas.

Leadership Report

Provides insight into an individual’s unique style of operating and the challenges and opportunities they face as a manager and leader.

Sales Report

Provides in-depth insights into factors critical for top sales performance in a simple.

Maximising Your Learning

Explains your approach to learning. Also provides suggested development activities.

Team Impact Report

Provides managers with team based information to help select, manage and develop workplace teams and the individuals that form these teams.

Careers Guidance Report

Supports careers counselling activities, including career change or outplacement.

Development and Action Planner Report

Information about an individual’s strengths and areas for development, for use in staff development and on-boarding situations.

Premium Report

A premium report on the 32 dimensions of personality categorised within three broad groupings of relationships with people, thinking style, and feelings and emotions.

Premium report Plus

Includes Premium/manager plus/candidate plus/universal competency/team report.

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