Interview Success – Can you tell a story?

Can you remember a time when you were listening to someone speak and somehow, they engaged you? To this day you can remember most of what they said or at least the message they were trying to convey?

It’s more likely than not the person told a story, they made you feel something and that’s why you remember.

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Interpersonal Skills – do you have them?

People regularly use words like “strong interpersonal skills” when describing themselves and companies often ask for good interpersonal skills when looking for new staff. From our experience, few people can give a useful description of what Interpersonal skills really are, but CEB (previously Saville Holdsworth),  a global leader in Talent measurement, gives us some useful insight.

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Career sustainability – choose the best “first time” experiences and develop your “soft skills”

These days, technology is evolving faster than ever and the impact of this on organisations can be huge, with layers disappearing, titles changing and the pendulum swinging from centralisation to decentralisation.  In this fast-changing world, what can you do to sustain a career and remain a sought-after candidate?  Here are just a couple of suggestions:-

The Power of Firsts

First-time experiences are crucial, so keep your views and options open.

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